Sterling Clack Clack is an art/literary centric digital media space and offshoot of J.New Books. J.New has created a niche for writers and readers of existential literary fiction. Sterling Clack Clack aims to create a similar space but one not limited by genre or medium; a place for creatives to inform and inspire one another.

In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl writes about the existential vacuum enveloping humankind, how, increasingly, neither instinct nor tradition informs our decisions; we know not who we are or what we wish to do, so we conform and wait for instruction from deities of our own construct. A glance around present-day America reinforces what Frankl wrote in 1947, from the theater-of-the-absurd that passes for politics to the vacuousness of our entertainment. We’re pushing back against the increasing vacuity in American culture to do our small part in making America existential again. MAEG!

Sterling Clack Clack Summer Flash Fiction Contest


The Sterling Clack Clack  Summer Flash Fiction Contest is now open for submissions. Typically flash fiction is anything under 1,500 words but this contest is open to slightly longer submissions if they are well-written, bite-sized stories. The top prize is 1,000 dollars and publication on the Sterling Clack Cack website and in the print anthology. Please don't include a name or bio on the manuscript. 

Congratulations to the winner of our 2nd Annual Hemingway Short Story Contest, Lisa Mahoney. Read her story, Tickets, Narrated

Sterling Clack Clack is open for submissions of creative non-fiction..(Examples of what has been published before can be seen here.) Submissions should be between 1,000 and 20,000 words. Selected work will be published on our website and considered for our print anthology. Please do not include your name or contact information on the manuscript. 

Malcolm Lowry 3rd Annual Literary Novel Contest 

We are now accepting the submissions for the third annual J.New Books Malcolm Lowry Literary Novel Contest which is open to all novels of literary fiction. First prize will be $500 and a publishing contract from J New Books. Please include a bio and brief synopsis with your submission.
The winner of last year's Malcolm Lowry Literary Novel contest was Dollartorium, by Ron Pullins.

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